Leica L-Log Transform

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The L-Log Transform is a Technical Transform (DCTL) for DaVinci Resolve that converts Leica Log source material for output to the required Gamma and Color spaces, including ACES. It can be used directly in ACES as an Input Device Transform (IDT) or used in conjunction with the DCTL OpenFX plugin for additional parameter modifications, including multiple destination Timeline Color Space / Gamma settings and Exposure Adjustments.


DaVinci Resolve

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The L-Log Transform offers the ability to transform Leica L-Log source footage to numerous color and gamma settings inside DaVinci Resolve. The transform supports L-Log implemented in Leica SL2 and above systems as well as the older SL (Type 601) from firmware 3.8 onwards.

Included are two ACES Input Transforms (IDTs) and one general transform that can be used in ACES workflows directly as an IDT or can also be used in conjunction with the DCTL OpenFX plugin for additional parameter modifications.

The parameters available are:

  • Exposure Adjustment in exposure values from -8 to +8 stops
  • Color Science mode to switch between ACES and YRGB
  • Leica Color Gamut for footage recorded with Rec.2020 or Rec.709 primaries
  • Color Space Transform (based on timeline) to:
    • ACES AP0
    • ACES AP1
    • Rec.709
    • Rec.2020
    • P3 D65
    • DaVinci Wide Gamut
  • Gamma Transform (based on timeline) to:
    • Linear
    • Scene
    • ACEScc
    • ACEScct
    • Gamma 2.2
    • Gamma 2.4
    • Gamma 2.6
    • DaVinci Intermediate
    • sRGB


This transform is supported in DaVinci Resolve 16 and above. The transform will also work in the Free version of DaVinci Resolve, however in non-ACES workflows will display a Resolve Studio watermark due to DCTL limitations within that software.

More information and workflow examples can be found in the L-Log Transform Manual

Note: L-Log Middle Gray is correctly exposed at 44% IRE, as per the Leica L-Log reference documentation. The L-Log Transform is based on the updated L-Log gamma implementation.

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