Leica L-Log OFX Plugin

$38.00 AUD

The Leica L-Log OFX Plugin is the first plugin that can accurately transform Leica L-Log media in Video Editing and Visual Effects applications. The plugin can be used across multiple Color Management workflows, including ACES, with numerous customization options available, including Exposure Correction adjustments built straight into the plugin.

ACES Compatible

 Fusion  Natron  Mistika Boutique  Assimilate Scratch

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The Leica L-Log Plugin is the first plugin that can transform Leica L-Log Footage with absolute precision. Use across multiple Video Editing and Visual Effects applications such as Resolve, Assimilate Scratch, Fusion Studio, Natron amongst others.

Works natively with ACES and other Color Management workflows!

The plugin also offers multiple parameters for customization of content, including:

  • Exposure Adjustments between -8 and +8 EV
  • L-Log Color Gamut selection:
    • Rec.2020
    • Rec.709
  • Color Space conversion:
    • Rec.709
    • Rec.2020
    • P3 D65
    • ACES AP0
    • ACES AP1
    • DaVinci Wide Gamut
  • Gamma conversion:
    • Scene (Rec.709/Rec.2020)
    • Linear
    • ACEScc
    • ACEScct
    • Gamma 2.2
    • Gamma 2.4
    • Gamma 2.6
    • DaVinci Intermediate
    • sRGB


Host Acceleration Optimizations: CUDA 10.2, OpenCL 1.2, Apple Metal 2.0 and CPU Multi-threading

Supported Applications: DaVinci Resolve Free & Studio , Assimilate Scratch, Blackmagic Fusion, Natron and other hosts that support OpenFX 1.2 and above.

Supported Systems: 64-bit Linux, Windows 10+ and MacOS 10.11+ with native Apple Silicon support.

Legacy build includes support for CUDA on older Mac OSX systems.

Further information can be found in the L-Log Plugin Manual

Note: The L-Log plugin is based on the updated L-Log gamma implementation