HLG Normalized Transform

$14.99 USD

The HLG Normalized Transform is a mathematically accurate Technical Transform that aligns HLG source material to either the BT.2408 recommendation or the HLG BT.2100 specification and converts the output to required Gamma and Color spaces. It can be used directly in ACES as an IDT or used in conjunction with the DCTL OpenFX plugin for other Color Spaces (including Rec.709 and Rec.2020) and Gammas (including ACEScc/ACEScct, Rec.709/Rec.2020 Scene). It has additional additional parameters that can be modified, including IRE selection, Exposure Corrections and Timeline/Gamma conversions.


The HLG Normalized transform for DaVinci Resolve Studio can be used directly in ACES as an IDT or used in conjunction with the DCTL OpenFX plugin with additional parameters. The transform is normalized to 38% IRE (as per current ITU-T BT.2408 recommendations), clamps all negative values and is output to ACES AP0 Color Space (including chromatic adaptation) with a Linear gamma. This allows the transform to be used directly within an ACES workflow inside DaVinci Resolve Studio, whether using ACES 1.0.x/1.1 or in Resolve Color Managed mode. When opened through the DCTL OpenFX plugin, the transform allows for the following additional parameter manipulations:

  • Exposure Adjustment in exposure values from -8 to +8 stops
  • Middle Gray preference between 34 and 45 IRE (default 38% IRE)
  • Color Space Transform (based on timeline) to: ACES AP0/AP1, Rec.709 and Rec.2020 (default ACES AP0)
  • Gamma Transform (based on timeline) to: Linear, Scene, ACEScc and ACEScct (default Linear)
  • Clamping values outside 0 – 1 range: None, Negatives, All (default Negatives)

This transform is supported in DaVinci Resolve Studio 16 and above. The transform will also work in the Free version of DaVinci Resolve, however will display a Resolve Studio watermark due to limitations within that software.