Exposure Correction LUT Pack

$29.50 AUD

Exposure Correction and Adjustments made easy with a LUT!

The Exposure Correction LUT Pack includes 240 exclusive LUTs (120 1D-LUTs and 120 3D-LUTs) for making exposure adjustments and corrections across Photo Editing, Video Editing and VFX applications, or even for use on External Recorders and Monitors.

Exposures can be adjusted in Exposure Values (EV) from -3 to +3 with ⅓ and ½ step increments and numerous Gamma options. Stack the LUTs for even more exposure adjustments options and greater versatility!

DaVinci Resolve   Final Cut Pro   Vegas Pro   Adobe Premiere  Assimilate Scratch    Mistika Boutique  LUT BOX



Adjusting exposures is now as easy as adding a correction LUT with the Exposure Correction LUT Pack! Mix and match Exposure Correction LUTs to get the perfect exposure!

The Exposure Correction LUT Pack consists of 240 LUTs (120 1D-LUTs and 120 3D-LUTs) offering exposure adjustments in Exposure Values (EV) from -3 EV to +3 EV.

Can be used across multiple Photo Editing, Video Editing and VFX applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro and other applications that support 1D LUTs or 3D LUTs!

Can also be used in External Recording and Monitoring systems to adjust exposures for viewing purposes or as a baked-in adjustment!

Multiple LUTs are included with ⅓ and ½ step increments/decrements and are offered with numerous Gamma options including:

  • Gamma 2.2
  • Gamma 2.4
  • Gamma 2.6
  • Scene (ITU Rec.709/2020 standard)
  • Linear

Multiple LUTs can also be stacked for even greater versatility – for example, stack two +3 EV LUTs to create a +6 EV Exposure Adjustment!

The 3D LUT files are 33 point cube files for maximum compatibility, whilst the 1D LUT Pack has been developed with 12-bit precision for exceptional fidelity.


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