New HLG Normalized LUT Pack

Whilst I have generally avoided developing Look-up Tables (LUTs) due to the the inherent lack of precision, there are scenarios where a LUT may be required, whether for monitoring purposes or in unsupported applications. With this in mind, I have now released the HLG Normalized LUT Pack.

The HLG Normalized LUT Pack consists of 16 Technical Transforms that convert HLG BT.2100 / Sony HLG3, HLG BT.2408, Sony HLG1 and Sony HLG2 to a Rec.709 Color Space across multiple gammas, including Scene, Gamma 2.2 and Gamma 2.4. The LUTs are all 33×33 precision 3D LUT cube files requiring Video Level inputs (as per the HLG standard) and will output to a Video Legal range.

As part of the initial release, each HLG type includes three Technical Transform LUTs and one Output LUT with the following details:

  • Technical Transform of HLG variant to Rec.709 Scene
  • Technical Transform of HLG variant toRec.709 Gamma 2.2
  • Technical Transform of HLG variant toRec.709 Gamma 2.4
  • Conversion of HLG variant to Rec.709 output with Tone and Gamut mapping (HDR to SDR conversion)

These are not gimmicky baked in custom “looks” requiring random exposure settings, but rather proper mathematical transforms now available in a LUT format.

The intent for these LUTs is to be used either for Monitoring purposes or as Technical Transformations. If being used for Monitoring/Viewing purposes, the LUTs can simply be loaded on External Monitors & Recorders such as the Atomos Shogun, Shinobi & Ninja series or Blackmagic Video Assist series as well as Monitors and Recorders from other brands such as Convergent Design and SmallHD.

HLG Normalized LUT in use on Atomos Ninja V

The LUTs can also be used in Video Editing applications such as Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro where a Technical Transform is required prior to grading. The tone and gamut mapped conversion LUT can also be used for a quick HDR to SDR conversion of the desired HLG footage for fast delivery with all tone and gamut mapping applied. Shown below is HLG2 footage that has been normalized to Rec.709 using the tone mapped LUT from the HLG Normalized LUT pack.

HLG2 Footage with HDR to SDR converted output

The HLG Normalized LUT Pack is available now from the online store.