Introducing the Exposure Correction LUT Pack

The Exposure Correction LUT Pack has just been released! The LUT Pack includes a total of 240 (yes – two hundred forty) LUTs, consisting of 120 One Dimensional LUTs (1D LUTs) and 120 Three-Dimensional LUTs (3D LUTs) for use across Photo Editing, Video Editing and VFX applications – especially where the Exposure Correction Plugin is not supported.

This LUT pack can be used in applications such as Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro for making Exposure Adjustments and Corrections to footage.

Exposure Correction LUTs inside Nuke

The LUTs can also be used for external monitoring and recording! The included LUTs are offered across multiple Gamma settings, including:

  • Gamma 2.2
  • Gamma 2.4
  • Gamma 2.6
  • Linear
  • Scene

The LUTs range in exposure value stops (EV) from -3 EV to +3 EV, with ⅓ and ½ step increment/decrement options.

What’s more, the LUTs can also be stacked (where possible) to create additional exposure adjustments – for example make a +6 EV adjustment out of two +3 EV LUTs! The possibilities are endless.

All the 1D LUTs have been developed using 12-bit precision for exceptional fidelity.

The Exposure Correction LUT Pack is now available from the online store.

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