HLG Normalized Updates

The HLG Normalized Plugin and HLG Normalized Transform have been updated to include a Custom IRE parameter.

Whilst the Recording & Editing Hybrid Log Gamma series articles have been helpful in providing guidance for exposing Hybrid Log Gamma, there have been instances where different exposure levels are required when recording HLG. Previously this has meant knowing the exposure levels relative to the default IRE values, which may have been difficult, especially with Sony’s custom HLG. This new release of the Transform and Plugin resolves that limitation by implementing the Custom IRE parameter.

The Custom IRE parameter can be set between 18% IRE and 60% IRE for all HLG Type values with the exception of HLG BT.2408 as that is itself a defined IRE value for the HLG BT.2100 specification.

To use the Custom IRE parameter in the HLG Normalized Transform, select the HLG Normalized DCTL from the ResolveFX DCTL plugin and toggle the “Enable Custom IRE” checkbox. The Custom IRE can then be set using the slider or in the menu.

To use the Custom IRE in the HLG Normalized OFX Plugin, expand the “Advanced Settings” tab towards the bottom of the plugin and toggle “Set Custom IRE” to enable or disable the Custom IRE parameter. Set the Custom IRE value as required.

The HLG Normalized OFX Plugin also includes under-the-hood performance improvements and compatibility fixes with additional Mac-specific installer improvements.

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