HLG Normalized Transform Update

The HLG Normalized Transform has just been updated! This update includes some new components such as the inclusion of the ACEScct Gamma and a new Color Science mode! The Color Science option was included due to the inherent differences inside DaVinci Resolve between ACEScc/ACEScct and YRGB Color Managed modes.

Internally, the ACEScc/ACEScct node structures are handled differently when compared to DaVinci YRGB Color Managed workflows. Additionally, with ACES workflows, the White Point of ACEScc/ACEScct Color Science is the ACES White Point of (0.32168, 0.33767) x & y respectively (which is close to D60, but not the same). As of DaVinci Resolve 16, the White Point of ACES under DaVinci YRGB Color Managed mode is the standard D65. This means that when using the HLG Normalized Transform in the YRGB Color Managed (RCM) mode for ACES, the appropriate Color Science needs to be chosen by importing the DCTL via the DCTL OpenFX plugin. Alternatively, the DCTL can be selected as an IDT, however this will need to be followed by a CAT02 Chromatic Adaptation going from D60 to D65.

I’ve also created a brief tutorial on using the HLG Normalized Transform inside DaVinci Resolve:

To download the updated version, simply login to your account and browse to the Downloads section.

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