HLG Normalized Transform 2.0 released

The HLG Normalized Transform has been updated to v2.0 with some major changes! This release now has support for Sony HLG profiles and includes additional Gamma and Color settings.

HLG Normalized Transform inside Resolve

The changes to the front end include an ability for users to select the desired HLG type instead of the previous checkbox. The options are:

  • HLG BT.2100
  • HLG BT.2408
  • Sony HLG1
  • Sony HLG2
  • Sony HLG3

Also new to Version 2.0 is the ability to choose the HLG Color Gamut. Some custom profile settings allow for a Hybrid Log Gamma curve to be applied on a Rec.709 Color Gamut, and this update now includes the feature for greater flexibility.

The Transform now includes support for DaVinci Wide Gamut and DaVinci Intermediate Gamma settings (introduced in Resolve 17) in addition to support for Gamma 2.2 and Gamma 2.4 options. [v2.1 now also includes Gamma 2.6 support]

Another major change is the ability to use the HLG Normalized transform directly within the Node structure when using ACEScc / ACEScct Color Science modes without a Color Space Transform! Previously, if the transform needed to be used through the DCTL OpenFX plugin under ACEScc(t), a Color Space Transform was required prior to and after the node to bring the color space in and out of ACES AP0 Linear. Now, when using the DCTL within the Node structure under ACEScc(t), the Timeline Color Space should be set to ACES AP0 and the Gamma should match the required Color Science option – no further fiddling required!

Lastly, the HLG Normalized Transform now includes additional streamlined DCTL files specifically designed for use as IDTs in ACES workflows. These files cover the HLG permutations of HLG BT.2100, HLG BT.2408, Sony HLG1, Sony HLG2 and Sony HLG3 with Rec.2020 color primaries.

The HLG Normalized Transform is available now through the online store.

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