HLG Normalized & Exposure Correction Updates

There have been a number of updates made to the HLG Normalized OFX Plugin, the HLG Normalized Transform, the Exposure Correction OFX Plugin and Exposure Correction Transform! The newest enhancement is the addition of the Gamma 2.6 setting across all Plugins and Transforms.

HLG Normalized OFX Plugin and Transform

The HLG Normalized Plugin and the HLG Normalized Transform have had a number of enhancements, including the addition of the P3 D65 Color Space option and the Gamma 2.6 option. The addition of these settings allows for better support with the P3 D65 Broadcast preset, particularly inside DaVinci Resolve.

With the release of DaVinci Resolve 17, the Transform has been updated to support ACES DCTL with dedicated IDT files that can be selected from the ACES Input Transform under Project Settings. These IDTs are in addition to the HLG specific DCTL files that were introduced in version 2.0. To provide better compatibility across newer and older versions of Resolve, all DCTL files have been renamed with clearer distinctions to avoid confusion and a smoother transition – please keep this in mind when updating.

Exposure Correction OFX Plugin and Transform

The Exposure Correction OFX Plugin and the Exposure Correction Transform have been updated to version 2.1 and have had some minor bug fixes and enhancements, including support for Gamma 2.6 timelines as noted above. This is in addition to the Gamma 2.2, Gamma 2.4 and DaVinci Intermediate settings that were introduced as part of the recent updates.

OFX Plugin Enhancements

Both OFX Plugins include additional enhancements with Host Application detection and optimizations. They also include additional GPU resource utilization for significant performance gains. Some UI Bugs have also been squashed. All OFX Plugins are also now packaged as separate Installer files for a more streamlined user experience.

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