F-Log Transform update with F-Log2

With the release of the new X-H2S camera, FujiFilm has also introduced a new log curve: F-Log2. The Middle Gray value (18% reflectance) for F-Log2 sits at 38.4% IRE as opposed to 46.3% IRE for the older F-Log curve. This new curve provides over 8 stops of latitude over middle gray compared to the roughly 5 stops provided for the standard F-Log curve.

The F-Log Transform has now been updated to include the latest F-Log2 curve. The Transform now includes a standalone F-Log2 ACES Input Transform (IDT) and the F-Log Transform DCTL now includes a dropdown with the ability to select F-Log or F-Log2 as the input source.

This update is available at no additional cost.

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