Exposure Correction transform for DaVinci Resolve

[Updated] The Exposure Correction transform for DaVinci Resolve has been released. It allows adjustment of exposure in EV stops between -10 & +10 stops. This transform MUST be used with the DCTL OFX plugin within DaVinci Resolve Studio. The transform can be used across multiple timeline gamma options and as of version 2.0 now includes many more gamma settings!

The Gamma options include:

  • Linear – For use with ACES/Linear gamma in DaVinci YRGB Color Managed mode
  • Scene – Standard gamma to be used in Rec.709 / Rec.2020 (Scene) timelines
  • ACEScc – To be used specifically for ACES Color Science implementation in DaVinci Resolve
  • ACEScct *
  • Gamma 2.2 *
  • Gamma 2.4 *
  • Gamma 2.6 **
  • DaVinci Intermediate *

* Introduced in Version 2.0; ** Introduced in Version 2.1

For all other gammas, a Color Transform node can be used before & after the node to bring the transform in and out of the desired gamma values.

Exposure Correction Transform tutorial

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