Exposure Correction transform for DaVinci Resolve

The Exposure Correction transform for DaVinci Resolve has been released. It allows adjustment of exposure in EV stops between -10 & +10 stops. This transform MUST be used with the DCTL OFX plugin within DaVinci Resolve Studio. The transform has options of Linear, Scene (Rec.709 / Rec.2020) or ACEScc gammas respectively.

  • Linear Gamma – For use with ACES/Linear gamma in DaVinci YRGB Color Managed mode
  • Scene Gamma – Standard gamma to be used in Rec.709 / Rec.2020 (Scene) timelines
  • ACEScc Gamma – To be used specifically for ACEScc(t) ACES 1.0.x / 1.1 implementation in DaVinci Resolve

For all other gammas, a ColorTransform node can be used before & after the node to bring the transform in and out of the desired gamma values.

Exposure Correction Transform tutorial

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