Exposure Correction Plugin & Transform Updates

The Exposure Correction Transform and the Exposure Correction OFX Plugin have recently been updated to version 2.0 and now support additional Timeline Gamma settings.

The full list of supported Timeline Gammas is:

  • Linear
  • Scene (Rec.709/Rec.2020)
  • ACEScc
  • ACEScct
  • Gamma 2.2
  • Gamma 2.4
  • Gamma 2.6
  • DaVinci Intermediate
  • sRGB

The Exposure Correction Plugin now includes support for Apple Silicon Macs and a separate download is also available for Mac hosts running MacOS 10.13 with CUDA capabilities.

The Exposure Correction Plugin has also been tested across a number of host applications that support OpenFX, including DaVinci Resolve, Assimilate Scratch, Blackmagic Fusion and Natron. The updates can be downloaded from the download section in My Account.

As of DaVinci Resolve 17, the default timeline gamma setting has been changed to Rec.709 Scene, whereas in DaVinci Resolve 16 and below, the default timeline has been a pure power-law curve of Gamma 2.4.

It’s important to ensure the correct setting is chosen in accordance with the timeline.

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