Exposure Correction Plugin Manual

Exposure Correction Plugin


The Exposure Correction Plugin has been developed using the OpenFX 1.4 standard.

It includes GPU acceleration using OpenCL 1.2, CUDA 10.2 and Metal 2.0 as well as CPU Multi-threading support.

The Plugin is supported on 64-bit instances of Linux, Windows and MacOS.

MacOS support is built from OSX 10.13 onwards, though the plugin may work on older OSX releases.


The installer files must be extracted from the zip file. The respective installer will manage installation to the required locations.

The ExposureCorrection.ofx.bundle package MUST be installed to the designated OFX Plugin folder for the relevant operating system.


The Windows Installer will place the OFX Plugin to the designated folder:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\OFX\Plugins\


The MacOS Package Installer will copy the OFX Plugin to the designated folder:


Note that some Mac Users may experience issues with Gatekeeper Security. A security prompt may appear and prevent the plugin from being installed or used. In this scenario, the OFX Plugin will need to be allowed through the Mac Security settings under System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General.


The OFX Installer will need to be executed through a command terminal. The run command may look like:


The OFX Plugin will be copied to the following folder:



The Plugin can be uninstalled on Windows systems via the “Add or remove programs” feature.

For the MacOS and Linux operating systems, simply delete the ExposureCorrection.ofx.bundle package from the designated folder of your Operating System.

For MacOS, this package is located under:


For Linux, this package is located under:



The usage of the Exposure Correction plugin is straight forward. Once installed, simply load the Exposure Correction plugin on the host Video Editing / VFX application.

In DaVinci Resolve, this can be done by selecting it or searching for it from the OFX tab on the Color Page.

The plugin allows exposure adjustments from -10 to +10 stops in Exposure Values (EV).

To make an adjustment, simply select the Timeline Gamma based on the project Gamma settings and either move the Exposure Adjustment slider or enter the value into the text-box.

For VFX applications, The Timeline Gamma is normally Linear.

In most Video Editing Applications, the default Timeline Gamma is either Gamma 2.4 or Rec.709 Scene.