Exposure Correction OFX Plugin

[Updated] The Exposure Correction OpenFX plugin has just been released! Similar to the Exposure Correction DCTL released earlier, it allows adjustment of exposure in exposure value (EV) stops between -10 & +10 stops. This plugin is built on OpenFX and has been optimized for multi-threaded CPU and GPU acceleration using CUDA, OpenCL and Apple Metal across supported platforms – this make the performance blazingly fast! The Exposure Correction OFX can be used on a wide range of Applications including DaVinci Resolve (Free and Studio), Assimilate Scratch, Mistika Boutique, DaVinci Fusion and Natron amongst others!

With support for a wide range of NLE and VFX applications, the Exposure Correction plugin offers versatility by allowing precise adjustment of source footage, be that an exposure correction in DaVinci Resolve, an ACES workflow inside Assimilate Scratch or even a VFX pipeline in Fusion!

Exposure adjustment using the Exposure Correction OFX Plugin inside Assimilate Scratch

Imagine a scenario where the scene exposure needs to be adjusted dynamically, such a single shot going from indoors to outdoors with significantly changing brightness levels! With support for keyframing, the plugin can be further enhanced to ensure the perfect exposure levels are always set, regardless of the scene!

The Exposure Correction OFX plugin includes the following pre-configured gamma options for quick and easy adjustments:

  • Linear
  • Scene (Rec.709/Rec.2020)
  • ACEScc
  • ACEScct
  • Gamma 2.2
  • Gamma 2.4
  • Gamma 2.6
  • DaVinci Intermediate
  • sRGB

The default Timeline Gamma setting is optimized to be dependent on the host application. For example, in DaVinci Resolve 17 the default gamma is Scene, whilst for Resolve versions below 17, the default gamma is 2.4. In VFX Applications and Assimilate Scratch, the default Gamma is set to Linear. This optimization allows for streamlined workflows to do the things you need, as quickly as possible.

The Exposure Correction OFX Plugin is now available from the store.

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