I am an Engineer by profession and have been involved in the ICT sector for nearly two decades. Aside from my Engineering background, I’ve had extensive experience developing programs, games, websites, media, artwork and branding for a number of projects and clients. I have also contributed my efforts across a number of Open Source projects and have extensive experience with numerous programming languages including (but not limited to) C++, Objective-C, Assembly, PHP, Perl and shell scripting.

I also spend my time and effort volunteering with the Emergency Services as a Firefighter. Helping others is something I enjoy, whether it is saving lives in my capacity as a Firefighter, or enlightening people with regards to Technology from the perspective of an Engineer.

One of my main passions is videography and over the years I have produced and directed a number of campaigns within the Emergency Services as well as releasing independent content.

To engage me for any Consultancy, please use the Contact form.