Introducing the GP-Tune Transform for GoPro footage

The GP-Tune transform has just been released for DaVinci Resolve! The transform supports GoPro footage from the most recent HERO12 Black camera down to the older HERO5 Black! The Transform also includes ACES IDTs and supports Protune, GP-Log as well as GoPro Labs custom parameters such as LOGB curves, WIDE=1 white balanced input and much, much more!

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Where in the world is Middle Gray?

[Updated Table – 4 Nov 2023] It appears that in the digital world, nothing confounds people more than the concept of Middle Gray – second only to actually finding Carmen Sandiego. Where exactly is Middle Gray? Why are there so many different quoted values for Middle Gray and which value is actually correct? In this write-up, we will explore Middle Gray in a little more detail.

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Introducing the Exposure Correction LUT Pack

The Exposure Correction LUT Pack has just been released! The LUT Pack includes a total of 240 (yes – two hundred forty) LUTs, consisting of 120 One Dimensional LUTs (1D LUTs) and 120 Three-Dimensional LUTs (3D LUTs) for use across Photo Editing, Video Editing and VFX applications – especially where the Exposure Correction Plugin is not supported.

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